What is the effect on the member of the vacuum pump

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Many men face the problem of a small penis or unstable erections. At the same time, drugs do not always help and I do not really want to affect the body with chemistry. That is why vacuum penis pumps are becoming popular.

That is why you need a penis vacuum pump

A penis pump is a very effective device that will help increase the size of a man's penis. At the same time, the method is safer than pills and cheaper than surgery. When a vacuum is created inside the device, blood flows to the tissues of the penis. Following the principle of operation, it is very similar to a conventional pump, which simply pumps air out.

Originally, this device was invented to deal with the problem of erection. After a flow of blood to the penis, it rises, and if you put on an erection ring, the riser does not pass for a long time, as there is no outflow of blood from the penis. However, in this case, you need to correctly calculate the exposure time so as not to damage the genitals.

It is important to understand that the penis, even with proper use of the pump, will not increase several times. The effect is 2-4 cm and has a temporary effect. After a certain period after pumping, the member returns to its size. Therefore, it is desirable to perform the procedure regularly.

Very often this device is used in medicine to treat some form of impotence.

The penis pump also helps get rid of pelvic congestion and improve the quality of sexual life. As a result, the man will have a more colorful orgasm and unexplored sensations in bed.

types of pumps for penis enlargement

What are penis pumps

The penis vacuum pump is very common and can be bought both in adult stores and online. Most often, there are manual versions of the pump. These are models that consist of a flask and a hose with a bulb. Air is evacuated manually.

There are also electrical options that run on batteries. The control of such devices is performed from the control panel or by means of the button on the flask.

For lovers of licking in the bathroom, special water models have been created that can only work in water. A penis water pump uses fluid under pressure instead of air.

More expensive models have an emergency evacuation button and a pressure gauge.

Pumps are also different in the manufacturing material. It can be medical plastic, there are also models with the addition of silicone seals. Flasks are made of acrylic, but medical plastic is still a priority.

When choosing, pay attention to the size. It should clearly match the dimensions of your erected penis. A small pump can damage the penis and a large one will not give the desired result.

Huge selection by country of origin. But it is better to prefer Germany or America. They also produce medical pumps in China. There are also domestic producers of decent quality.

For variation, you can choose a model of any color. In our shop you will find pumps of excellent quality and for every taste. There are products available for every wallet. To buy a pump for penis enlargement, just go to our store and use the help of a consultant.

penis enlargement pumps

Pump technology

In order for the result to be as positive as possible, you must be able to use the device correctly. First of all, before use, it is necessary to shave the entire perineum and pubis. If a hair gets into the flask, discomfort may occur.

When performing the procedure, be sure to use lubricant. When choosing a lubricant, it is advisable to focus on water-based products.

Addition of grease, oils or petroleum jelly can adversely affect the product and damage it.

The procedure in terms of execution technique is simple. You need to be comfortable. The member should be in a calm state, not upright. Then apply lubricant to it and put on the flask. Make sure it fits snugly around the edges. The presence of irregularities or holes will cancel out the entire procedure as air enters.

Then start pumping. In the manual version this can be done by hand, but if the product is automatic, just press the button, select if necessary. operating mode. The duration of the initial procedures should not exceed 15 minutes. After getting used to it, it is worth gradually extending the exposure time. By adding one minute, it is necessary to bring the session time to 40 minutes.

It is recommended to perform pumping regularly, as a last resort, every other day. Better daily. Pumping should not cause pain. If anyone shows up, be sure to consult a doctor, and until then, do not use the device.

Pressure can be adjusted for comfort. Pressure gauges are available for this, but in budget models this is done manually.

After use, wash the appliance with warm water and soap and wipe it dry. Then the flask should be treated with an antiseptic, preferably not alcohol-based.


Be sure to consult a doctor before buying a pump. First, a specialist will be able to professionally justify to you whether you need this device. Second, there are a number of contraindications to the use of the pump that need to be considered. Prohibitions include such pathologies:

  • Damage to the foreskin of any kind.
  • Infectious diseases of the genitals.
  • Diabetes.
  • Pathology of liver and kidneys.
  • Diseases of the vascular system, especially the tendency to form blood clots.

If there is one or more of these diseases, then you will need to find another way to enlarge the penis. A penis pump is still a medical device, not a sex toy. Therefore, consultation with a physician and strict adherence to all instructions is mandatory. Otherwise, you can cause damage to the penis and general damage to health.


The penis pump, according to reviews, really helps. There are some nuances in its application, but at the same time it gives the desired effect. Here are just a few reviews of the penis vacuum pump:

  1. Male, 32 years. "My penis is small. I even wanted to have the operation. I went to the doctor and he advised me to a vacuum pump. He says it costs less, but the effect will be. During the training month, the penis actually increased by 3 cm. Now isI am satisfied and will continue the procedures. "
  2. Male, 28 years. "In principle, I was happy with the size of the penis, but when I heard about a device that can enlarge it a little, I became interested. I must say right away that if you expect a knee-deep result, then you get it"But there will definitely be a few extra inches. "
  3. Male, 50 years. "I bought the pump because the doctors recommended it as an erection trainer. Used strictly according to the instructions. As a result, erectile dysfunction stopped and the sensations in sex became different - brighter and longer.
  4. Doctor. "My patients often come in with minor erection problems. But not everyone can and is helpful to take synthetic drugs with a large number of side effects. If overall there is a small size of the penis, then I advise everyone to buy a pump for penis enlargement. Thisis a simulator that allows you to feel confident, make your erection stable and the dimensions acceptable.

There are negative reviews about the device on the internet. But they come mainly from those who have violated the rules of use and also neglected contraindications. Many people buy a simulator without even consulting a doctor and think it is a safe toy. Hence the injury and the pain and the lack of results.

It is important not to neglect safety precautions, not to take alcohol during the procedure and not to use homemade devices. It is only necessary to purchase simulators with a safety certificate, produced under license.


The small size of the penis can negatively affect a man's self-esteem. This will affect all aspects of life.

But if nature has not endowed you with great dignity, do not give up. This can be corrected, for this a vacuum pump was created. It is only necessary to approach the process correctly and use it properly.

This is a medical device and therefore a medical consultation is required. After the procedure, you will notice the difference and so will your partner.